Reality Bends

by Horrorscope

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After Horrorscope played a show at an abandoned house (dubbed Franky Jrs) in a suburb of Vancouver, the members attempted dropping acid, but were hurled into a world of uncertainty, horror, and lack of connection between their consciousness and the body they presided in. Every time they crack their backs they are flung back into the horror that was that trip and to this day they are not sure whether the reality they are experiencing is the Earth, or the deep endless cosmos in which they shriek silently.


released October 14, 2013

Audrey Vann - Omnichord, Vocals, Editing
Dominic Jersak - Vocals, Lyrics, Editing




Horrorscope Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Reality Bends
My vision implodes and my sights go black
A sharp twisting pain envelops my back
My eardrums pop and my hearing comes to a whine
The discs disconnect and liquefy in my spine
My mouths melting and I cannot scream
Flesh melts off my bones so I'm feeling lean
My soul stays still but my vessel descends
I can't comprehend how this reality bends
I can't comprehend how this reality bends