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When Audrey and Dominic went to their first university course and subsequently met each other and went through the motions of getting to know each other as friends do, they discovered a lot of each other's secrets and shames, which made the friendship painful to cope with. The anxiety drove the musicians to such anxiety that the following nights they had the same recurring dream, in their rooms, it's dark, save for a faint glow from the closet, and they open the closet to find themselves shriveled to practically a skeleton, hung on a coat hanger apparently dead, until the head tilts up and makes eye contact. Then they realized this wasn't a joke or their future. It had already happened.


released October 17, 2013

Audrey Vann - Omnichord, Lyrics
Dominic Jersak - Lyrics, Editing




Horrorscope Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Skellies
the skellies in my closet clatter
the rattle makes my heart shatter
am i any more than a pile of bones
enveloped in glass for throwing stones

my intentions are that of mary magdalene’s
but my inventions are more like Frankenstein’s
let me wimper and let me whine
until I simper in my little shrine